Individual workshops


Our workshops help unleash creativity, improve communication, and show you how to let go anything that’s holding you back. You’ll find out a huge amount about yourself + how others see you.


Develop your inner horsepower for success

Develop your Inner Horsepower and create the success you desire.
Working on a 1:1 basis enables you to let go of patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and build upon your strengths. Subtly tweaking weaknesses will produce better and more sustainable results.

Understanding yourself at a deeper level is critical to moving forward as a leader in your own life and create the success you desire.

Our horses provide non-judgemental feedback which enables you to adapt your approach and re-test until you are satisfied.

You will experience a wide range of benefits including better connection with colleagues, clients, and relationships beyond the workplace:

  • increased self-belief
  • clarity on your vision for the future
  • increased awareness
  • presence and impact
  • reliance to cope with adverse situations
Equine therapy for mental health

“New perspectives and coping strategies leading to transformations at home and in life.”

Learning to let go

This is a half day workshop on 1:1 basis only.

Notice patterns of behavior by performing equestrian skills with our horses. You will learn which habits are holding you back how to release those behaviors so that you can move forward to a place of balance and alignment.

Equine experiences

This is not your typical training… it’s as unique as you are.

Come on your own or as part of a group for 1/2 day of re-connection with yourself.

Learn greater self-awareness and experience personal growth.
Take the first step and share your intention and let us assemble a unique plan. We are here to connect, listen and unique.

equine therapy courses

Working with such powerful yet gentle animals can be both emotional and intimidating. Unable to draw upon physical strength, clients have to develop their inner resources and engage through co-operation and partnerships with the horses.

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Equine therapy for mental health

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