Individual workshops


Our workshops help you to let go of stress and anything that is holding you back and affecting your well-being.  Our horses provide you with emotional support and insights so you can move forward with increased self belief and strength.

Due to social distancing guidelines the format of the workshops has changed slightly but they still involve the same amount of engagement with the horses.

We have reduced our group sizes to ensure the safety of our participants.

1:1 Full Day workshop

Develop your inner horsepower for success


Develop your Inner Horsepower and create the success you desire.
Working on a 1:1 basis enables you to let go of patterns and behaviors that are holding you back and build upon your strengths. Subtly tweaking weaknesses will produce better and more sustainable results.

Understanding yourself at a deeper level is critical to moving forward as a leader in your own life and create the success you desire.

Our horses provide non-judgemental feedback which enables you to adapt your approach and re-test until you are satisfied.

You will experience a wide range of benefits including better connection with colleagues, clients, and relationships beyond the workplace:

  • increased self-belief
  • clarity on your vision for the future
  • increased awareness
  • presence and impact
  • reliance to cope with adverse situations
Equine therapy for mental health

“New perspectives and coping strategies leading to greater optimism and resilience.”

Learning to let go

Full day group workshop

Horses are the masters of letting go and working with them necessitates that you do so too. You can’t move forward in life if you are holding onto the past or worrying about the future, neither can you connect fully with a horse if your mind is elsewhere. They require us to be present, open and honest. Tell someone to let go and they can’t. Give them something they want to do that requires letting go and it happens automatically.
You will notice patterns of your behaviour and try different approaches so that you can move forward in life with greater confidence and without the weight of past experiences.
  • A deep sense of relief from anxiety
  • mechanisms to bounce back
  • new perspective and approach
  • a greater understanding of yourself
  • improved relationships
  • greater confidence and self-belief
  • highlighting of strengths and skills

COVID 19 – Maintaining Resilience

Group workshop.  Four two hour sessions over four weeks.

The effects of having been exposed to traumatic events over a prolonged period can be extremely detrimental.
Horses provide a release mechanism and emotional support for anyone struggling with the pandemic but particularly front line and key workers, many of whom have faced intense emotional challenges and are trying to slow down again and adapt while others may feel exhausted, fearful and emotionally drained.
The workshops are outdoors where social distancing can be implemented and it is an opportunity to get out into the countryside, slow down, connect with the horses and get back in tune with yourself.
Horses help you to process the challenges, the stress and the anxiety and develop coping mechanisms so that you can continue in your role whilst looking after your own wellbeing.
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • development of coping mechanisms
  • a feeling of deep connection
  • time and space to rebuild your self confidence
  • being able to let your guard down
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Working with such powerful yet gentle animals can be both emotional and intimidating. Unable to draw upon physical strength, clients have to develop their inner resources and engage through co-operation and partnerships with the horses.

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