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This training works – it’s practical and very different from traditional, theory-based approaches. It’s a unique way to discover how your behaviors affect others in the workplace and how a few simple tweaks can produce an infinitely more harmonious and innovative workforce.

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Developing leaders who inspire others to be like them.

We believe that the basis of leadership is awareness, communication, how we connect with others and then, how we engender respect and gain trust.

To understand this and incorporate it into our everyday interactions, we need to receive clear feedback without judgment and nobody can deliver this in a palatable form as effectively as horses.

The benefits are immediate, permanent and your staff will appreciate your commitment to their development – both those who attend the workshop and those who work alongside them on their return.

Participants tell us they develop:

  • self-awareness and an understanding of how their approach affects others
  • increased self-belief
  • better relationships in work and attitude to the workplace
  • the confidence to be more innovative
  • the flexibility to stay calm in uncertain or unfamiliar situations
  • the benefits of shared leadership
  • clearer communication skills.
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Effective teams make or break a company.

Each member must be able to lead themselves first and then understand the value of shared leadership, To do this, they must be aware of what is happening in the environment and their effect and contribution.

Interaction with horses provides immediate and profound results both to the individuals and the dynamics of the team. Destructive patterns are highlighted immediately and the team can then experiment with different strategies until they find a more effective solution.

The benefits are many:

  • increased trust and respect for other team members
  • understanding the importance of responsibility
  • the effectiveness of clearly defined roles
  • clearer communication between individuals
  • a sense of pride and value
  • collaborative working
  • fever conflicts


Leading without threats or aggressions requires self-belief, awareness and authority.

The approach came from our work with veteran organisations where there was a requirement to develop techniques to react appropriately to challenges, let go of anxiety and move forward with calmness and awareness. Or, as horses do in the wild, go back to grazing.

This approach has been so successful that we have broadened it to a wider audience who have current issues whether it is overcoming trauma, relationship or communications problems or simply wish to develop more effective life skills.

Our safe and gentle approach enables individuals or groups to work with our horses to develop techniques to help them make positive progress in life.

Techniques such as:

  • establishing boundaries
  • effective communication skills
  • how to deal with feelings
  • breaking negative behaviour patterns
  • awareness
  • adjusting to new situations
  • dialling-up assertiveness rather than aggression
  • coping with challenging circumstances
team building activities for work involving horses

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Working with such powerful yet gentle animals can be both emotional and intimidating. Unable to draw upon physical strength, clients have to develop their inner resources and engage through co-operation and partnerships with the horses.

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