Corporate team building activities with horses

Corporate team building activities with horses

Corporate team building activities with horses

Our corporate team building activities with horses are an excellent way to aid communications between your team, build confidence and develop potential.

In today’s fast-moving work environment, the use of interpersonal communication between team members is often missing and our horses can help reveal dynamics in your team that you didn’t even know existed.

Using a combination of therapeutic, physical movement and horse psychology we will provide you with a team building experience that will help to:

  • Develop confidence and the leadership skills already existing within your team
  • Help you to learn more about your team members and how they think
  • Develop your team morale, helping them to bond as a group and foster a respect for others within it
  • Develop individuals to become more confident and patient with others
  • Gain better understanding as to how to work effectively together as a team

This life-changing team building exercise will build trust and communication between your team members in a way which is fun and engaging.

Horses are a lot like teams in that they use a herd mentality when approaching problems, they require a strong leader that can keep them safe and they require effective communication between members in order to preserve the herd.

Our team of specially chosen horses will do the teaching as you move through the various elements of the day with your equine facilitator offering explanations and guidance as to how to improve your approach.

Our course is designed to aid problem solving and encourage people to work as a team for the betterment of the organisation and themselves.

We have a tried and tested approach which will push your team to think about how they approach tasks and how they see themselves and their colleagues, all while working within a safe environment.  Our course will provide a mixture of mental problem-solving activities and physical awareness techniques which foster individuals and team thinking.

Our equine facilitated learning course is a fun and experiential way to approach corporate team building and is suitable for all learning styles.

The experience is based on equine experiential learning activities, which is a relatively new way of approaching team building and developing potential.  This hands-on approach provides interaction with the horses from the ground and does not require previous horse experience or any riding.

Through this approach we will explore body language (non verbal communication), building an effective community and team awareness.  This activity will aid relationships, confidence and self esteem, communication, assertiveness, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills all through interaction with horses.

The benefits of this one day event is not only that is can improve performance and productivity for the organisation who is attending, but can also improve personal relationships and family dynamics at home and can be translated across a variety of situations.

Let our horses guide your team to a better way of working together and communication which will improve their productivity and sense of well-being.

Our event can be tailored depending on what you would like to achieve.  You can contact us at or via telephone at 077 1188 1577



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